Tile Murals and Glass Columns Bring New Life to Las Vegas F-Street Underpass

Walk through the F Street underpass in this working class neighborhood and you’re instantly drawn into true Las Vegas history. The faces of Sammy Davis Jr., Nat King Cole, Martin Luther King Jr. and many other well-known icons beam down from 12 beautiful ceramic tile murals — reminding us that Las Vegas’ success lies in its people, culture, and history.

“We are always interested in unique jobs”, says Bob Herman, President of Superior Tile Stone. Herman, who negotiated the contract with Las Vegas Paving and sourced the materials for this project says, “This isn’t one of those projects where our name is on the wall. F Street Beautification is a symbol of neighbors and local leaders coming together. We played a small part in a much bigger story.”F Street Underpass Las Vegas Superior Tile and Stone

Up until 2014, the closed F Street underpass was a dangerous, run-down, and neglected part of the Westside District. Prior to its closing as part of the I-15 highway reconstruction, the underpass was local residents’ main access to downtown jobs and services. Eventually the community, local government, and private sector came together to plan, design, and execute the project.

“Whether the project is a large office building or a local community effort, we put our commitment to people front and center. “– Bob Herman, President, Superior Tile & Stone

F-Street involved the installation of glazed ceramic tiles manufactured in China by Dal Tile.  Computer-generated collages of photographs and hand-painted images were applied to the tiles that made up 12 murals.  In addition, twenty-two glass mosaic columns, similar to those Superior constructed for the Wynn Hotel downtown, add drama and elegance to the sidewalk landscape as you exit or enter the F-Street Underpass.