Twice a year Superior Tile & Stone comes together to focus on safety and the role of teamwork in keeping each other safe.

With zero record-able injuries for 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 and a mod rate of .67 (one of the lowest mod rates in the industry), Superior is able to qualify for every project.

Superior Tile & Stone Semi Annual Safety Meeting Oct 2015

September 3, 2015, Bi-Annual Safety Meeting and Awards Ceremony for Superior Tile & Stone at Francesco’s Restaurant in San Leandro, California.

“Teamwork is about how to improve. It’s NOT about who screwed up.” Tommy Conner, CEO, Superior Tile & Stone

Superior’s commitment to safety means continually thinking how to improve. It means recognizing we always have something to learn from our peers. The question is, are we willing to ask for help and to take the time to teach one another?

Continuous Training & Review

Worker safety depends on training and a continued willingness to learn and improve. Superior provides on-going safety training and support. One of Superior’s safety trainers is Tom Reed. Tom trains employees who work on scaffolding to focus on one key issue – awareness. His message is simple:

  • Use peripheral vision to know where you are on the scaffold and in relation to other staff
  • Be aware of your mind and your emotional state
  • If afraid of heights, for example, tell your supervisor ahead of time, and you’ll be assigned other work
  • If on the ground, look up
  • If driving, never allow anything to distract you

Reward Success

Our bi-annual safety meetings provide an opportunity to come together to look at our successes and review our mistakes. We review safety basics and award employees for their commitment to safety.  Finally, we come away from our safety meetings with the recognition that safety is our first priority.


(Acknowledgement for title quote to Ernesto Moreno, Sr.)