Safety is Our #1 Goal

Superior Tile & Stone is proud of its culture of safety. We work on it every day and we find time to celebrate it. Because Superior employees spend a good portion of their lives fulfilling our mission of excellence in tile, stone and terrazzo fabrication and installation, we’re dedicated to ensuring they always have a […]

5 Reasons to Choose Superior for Your Next Terrazzo Project

What makes terrazzo so appealing? It’s beautiful, durable, cost effective, and you can see it in the fabric of our cities – on public transit station platforms in the San Francisco Bay Area, in schools, and in the most elegant hotels and office buildings in the West. 1. Terrazzo stands the test of time. From […]

Terrazzo Training

Specialty trade contractors distinguish themselves by the level and quality of training they provide to their employees. Superior Tile & Stone recently demonstrated its commitment to training by providing the newest members of its terrazzo team with a specifically designed training program tailored to the needs of an apprentice terrazzo mechanic.  Superior set up a […]

Joining Forces with All American Tile & Terrazzo

Superior’s history with Terrazzo dates back to the 1950s. Superior installed the tile and stone in the majority of the initial Bart stations throughout the Bay Area and joint ventured with a number of terrazzo specialists to complete the platforms, stairs and entries. Today Superior is directly responsible for the terrazzo installations in a number […]