Joining Forces with All American Tile & Terrazzo

WEB TERRAZZO R1Superior’s history with Terrazzo dates back to the 1950s. Superior installed the tile and stone in the majority of the initial Bart stations throughout the Bay Area and joint ventured with a number of terrazzo specialists to complete the platforms, stairs and entries. Today Superior is directly responsible for the terrazzo installations in a number of schools, hotel/casinos, federal court houses, hospitals, office buildings and restaurants.

Recently, Superior Tile & Stone and All American Tile & Terrazzo joined forces. Jeff Young, former owner of All American, has closed his company and is heading up the terrazzo division at Superior. Jeff brings over 30 years of Terrazzo experience with him. The combination of All American’s and Superior’s experience and financial strength provides customers with the reassurance that when Superior is selected for a terrazzo project, the job will be completed as specified, on time and within budget.


Additionally, every terrazzo project is custom. Even if you are selecting a color, from a standard color-pallet, prior to any manufacturing, samples are produced for your custom floor. Work will not begin until you are completely satisfied with the sample. Contact Superior Tile & Stone for assistance with your custom terrazzo color design. (Samples are provided at no charge to the design community.)

Superior Fabrication

100_1029With over 60,000 square feet of fabrication facilities in Northern California and Las Vegas, Nevada, Superior Tile & Stone has the capacity to meet the most rigorous fabrication schedules while consistently delivering the ultimate in artistic stonework.

Superior shapes the finest granite and marble slabs with a variety of precision cutting machines incorporating precise laser technology and dynamic computer control. These systems assure accuracy and enhance flexibility of design while simultaneously providing enormous cutting capacity.

Superior’s high production water jets are each outfitted with two beds and dual heads to enhance Superior’s ability to meet difficult schedule requirements without sacrificing precision design and fabrication specifications.

Multilple Comandulli automatic multi-spindle belt edge polishing machines are remarkable for their edge quality, performance and production on every kind of material.

Multiple robotic CNC finish and shaping machines working in conjunction with four high speed inline polishers cut, route, shape and polish stone for large and small projects.  These machines provide the capacity to finish thousands of lineal feet per day of the most integral edge designs imaginable.

Before a piece of finished stone leaves Superior’s factory, Superior’s artisans carefully inspect and, where necessary, touch up the finished product by hand to ensure that Superior exceeds its customers’ specifications.

To protect its workers and the environment, Superior performs all of its fabrication using wet processes, and recycles water and stone cuttings – processing over 20,000 gallons of water per day. The net result is environmentally conscious, consuming no more water than an average household!

Efficiency and dedication extend to the shipping department that delivers the finished product, often within 24 hours.

Superior’s team of artists, craftsmen and technicians demonstrate their pride of workmanship in the finished product.  Delicate beauty lies within the world’s strongest materials. Homes, office buildings and hotels enhance their spaces with the charm and durability of granite, marble, tile and stone.