5 Reasons to Choose Superior for Your Next Terrazzo Project

What makes terrazzo so appealing? It’s beautiful, durable, cost effective, and you can see it in the fabric of our cities – on public transit station platforms in the San Francisco Bay Area, in schools, and in the most elegant hotels and office buildings in the West.

1. Terrazzo stands the test of time.

From old-world Venice to the present, terrazzo makes an elegant, long-lasting, walkable surface nearly impervious to moisture. You can see Superior Tile & Stone’s version of terrazzo in most Bay Area Rapid Transit subway platforms, stairs, and entries, as well as in many public and private architectural projects, some more than 50 years old.

2. Terrazzo is beautiful and cost effective.

Terrazzo is a composite of marble, granite, quartz, and glass cast with binding agents, ground and polished to a smooth, beautiful surface. The best thing about terrazzo is it beats the annual square foot cost of other flooring options by nearly half over a 40-year lifetime. Take a look at the far right column in the chart below. Notice terrazzo’s annual cost compared to other flooring types:

Superior Terrazo Arrow




superior should be your choice for terrazzo










3. Superior produces highly skilled terrazzo artisans.

Terrazzo installation requires intense training and skill. In this growing economy, there’s a constant need for terrazzo specialists. Superior Tile & Stone has its own training program in its 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse and fabrication facility in San Leandro, California. Master terrazzo mechanics Steve Young and Jeff Young provide customized training in the art of terrazzo for Superior’s apprentices and journeyman.

4.  We’ve earned our reputation.

Superior is directly responsible for countless terrazzo projects in schools, hotel/casinos, federal courthouses, hospitals, office buildings, and restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas, Nevada. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve initiated work on over a dozen terrazzo projects including:

  • Quad Hotel Casino lobby
  • Pacific Union Club
  • St. Ignatius School
  • San Francisco Airport Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Maple Street Correctional Facility
  • De Anza High School
  • VISA

5. Jeff Young & the Terrazzo Division at Superior

Jeff Young, head of Superior Tile & Stone’s Terrazzo Division based in Northern California, directs all terrazzo operations. He supervises the pouring of terrazzo, custom terrazzo stair treads, cove base, and 1cm terrazzo tile in Superior’s fabrication plant. The ability to manufacture pre-cast terrazzo can substantially benefit project schedules and improve budget efficiencies. As with our stone and tile divisions, Superior’s terrazzo division can take a project from start to finish with all the work expertly completed in house.

Please check out our terrazzo projects on the Superior Tile & Stone website.